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Anti-cancer therapy monitoring


Anti-cancer therapy monitoring
  • Absoludy Ultra Troponin I is PIFA Technology(Photooxidation induced Fluorescence Amplification) based quantitative measuring diagnostic test.
  • Measuring the level of Ultra Troponin I to help monitoring of chemotherapy related cardiotoxicity which may allow for earlier realization of the degree of cardiac damage occurring during treatment, creating the opportunity for more timely modulation of therapy.
  • Cardiotoxicity is a common complication that may compromise the clinical effectiveness of anticancer therapy, impacting both cardiologic and oncologic patients' outcome. The early identification, prevention and treatment of cardiotoxicity remain an important strategy to reduce morbidity and mortality in cancer patients.


· Spectification
AMR 0.1-1000 pg/mL
Test time 40 min
Sample type serum, plasma
Sample Volume 90µL
Storage 2~8 °C

· Component
Cartridge 20ea
Pretreatment Tube 20ea
Disposable tip 24ea
Code chip 1ea
Package Insert sheet 1ea

· PIFA technology
Photooxidation induced Fluorescence Amplification;