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Absology will be with you all the time.
With us, begin a new era of In-vitro Diagnosis.

Absology will be with you all the time.
With us, begin a new era of In-vitro Diagnosis.



Point-of-Care Immunoassay System with Microfluidics Technology 


ACCURATE & STABLE DIAGNOSTICS.jpg  Accurate & Stable Diagnostics

 Quantitative results based on FIA: ABSOL is an automated fluorescent immunoassay (FIA) analyzer. It is designed for a POCT near the patient testing device. It provides quantitative results based on immunoassay technology.

 Microfluidic technology with Active flow control: The Absoludy cartridges utilize microfluidics lateral flow technology where the analyte of interest in the sample forms immune complexes while moving through the pathway in the cartridges. Inside ABSOL Analyzer, a built-in on/off valve system can actively control the flow of specimens, so test results are reliable. Actually, the active flow system makes the flow pause at the point of reaction, it is designed to mix specimen and reagent and react them well.

 Built-in heating tray: Inside ABSOL Analyzer, the built-in heating tray adjusts to our body temperature during the test, we maximize the biological reaction and improve the reliability of results. Additionally, the built-in thermal printer makes users more convenient.


Duo &Combo Test available.jpgDuo&Combo Test Available

- 2 other tests available with 1 cartridge

- 2 marker tests with 1 sample

Each cartridge has two channels and we can combine several tests in one channel.


Test time 5 min..jpg  Test time: 5 min.

Quick diagnosis & treatment & Rise patients satisfaction


LOW MAINTENANCE.jpg  Low Maintenance

- QC Control with QC cartridge (Analyzer) & Code chip (Reagent) Analyzer: Regular check sing

- QC cartridge provided per each analyzer Reagent: Code-chip (incl. calibration data, lot information, etc.) provided per each cartridge box. Before proceeding the test with the cartridge, insert code chip into the USB port on the backside of ABSOL




Measuring principle

FIA (Fluorescence immunoassay)

Sample type

Serum & Plasma

Sample volume


Test time

5 Min


165 mm X 220 mm X 150 mm / 1.6 kg

Microfuidic Technology

Microfuidic Technology