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Cardiovascular Disease


High Sensitive Troponin I
  • Absoludy Ultra Troponin I is PIFA Technology(Photooxidation induced Fluorescence Amplification) based quantitative measuring diagnostic test.
  • Tnl-Ultra is for detecting myocardial infarction (MI) and assessing risk of adverse events in patients presenting with ischemic symptoms suggestive of acute coronary syndrome. [NCBI]
  • Measuring the level of Ultra Troponin I To exclude AMI(Acute myocardial infarction) from other myocardial injury particularly suitable for emergency testing.

· Spectification
AMR 1.0-15000.0 pg/mL
Test time 30 min
Sample type Serum and Plasma
Sample Volume 20µL
Storage 2~8 °C

· Component
Cartridge 20ea
Pretreatment Tube 20ea
Disposable tip 24ea
Code chip 1ea
Package Insert sheet 1ea

· PIFA process analysis
Calculation of Amplification Index (AI) with Nonlinear Logistic Regression Analysis